Mallinson’s Woodland retreat COVID-19 INFORMATION.

Safety of our guests and staff is and will continue to be our top priority. It is a joint effort to keep everyone safe whilst retaining the unique pleasure of spending a few days out in the the woods.

We have implemented a wide range of measures for your safety including enhanced cleaning policies.  When it comes to fresh air, isolation and distancing we are confident that we offer as safe an environment as any. We have no shared facilities at all with total isolation & independence guaranteed. 

We have been operating self check-in/check-out for over 10 years and are therefore well versed in a contactless and distanced operation. Contact with staff is by means of the duty manager’s mobile telephone. 

On arrival guests walk from our car park to find their new home in the woods, following the map and instructions that are now provide electronically. All printed information has been removed from our spaces and is now available through our guest’s information tab on our website.  

All spaces have their own private hand washing facilities.

There are only 8 spaces in our 7 acre woodland and therefore no fear of overcrowding, unwanted or accidental contact with others. Only pre booked guests and visitors are permitted into the woods. 


We sell some items on site such as wine, fizz, cider, kindling & frozen pizza dough. This self service shop has been moved outside to the log store & payment is now cash free & contactless via the shop tab on our website.

We have closed two of the three bell tents as they used to share toilets, a ‘tree shower’ and washing up facilities. Twybil the bell tent remains and now has exclusive use of what used to be shared facilities to bring it up to the same COVID-19 secure level as all of the other spaces.

All spaces are cleaned using Virabact while the threat of Covid continues.


If we  are not able to offer the service due to another government closure of hospitality providers IN OUR AREA:

In the event of a fourth lockdown that forced us to close again we will offer date moves for the original price – the usual  date move administration fees will be waived and future price increases discounted. This impacts our long term cash flow due to the loss of income later on but it will mean that nobody looses their money and all existing bookings will be honoured. Guests will still have something to look forward to when restrictions are lifted. It’s not ideal but the fairest compromise that we can offer under very challenging business circumstances.

If guests HAVE TO CANCEL for any reason but we are STILL open for business:

We will do our best to re-sell the reservation & if we do re-sell it we will refund the amount paid less 15% to cover admin and costs or offer a date move.

If we are unable to re-sell the space no refund will be payable.  Therefore it is important to inform us as soon as possible as the longer we have to re-sell the booking the more likely it is that we will be successful in doing so. Guests are strongly advised to take out or to check existing annual travel insurance policies to cover unforeseen circumstances beyond their or our control.