The adventure starts here …


It is always worth pre booking restaurants and taxis. Details of our local pub – The  Tytherleigh Arms and many other places to eat and visit can be found on our things to  book & do page.

Satnav is unlikely to get you to our carpark, please download or bookmark our directions & woodland map to find your new home in the woods.

It’s a 5 minute walk down from the carpark to the woods so please don’t pack more than you need (see below for details).

If you have pre-ordered frozen pizza dough this will be left to defrost in your fridge on the day of arrival along with any other pre ordered items. 

If you did not order when booking then this can always be done anytime before the day before arrival or when on site from the woodland shop.


Everything will be cleaned, changed over, re-stocked and ready for you by 4pm on the day of arrival, please vacate by 10 am on the day of departure so that we have sufficient time to thoroughly clean and prepare for the next guests. 

We can’t arrange early check in or late check out due to the additional work and time involved in cleaning and stocking our spaces which are spread out in the woods. If you arrive earlier than expected we have an open air seating area in the parachute shelter workshop tent at the entrance to the camp.

This is where you will also will find our ‘in/out’ board, this has a slate name tag for each space on a peg. Please always move your slate up & down depending on whether you are in or out.

There is no key to collect- just let yourself in.

We are on call should a problem arise, the current duty manager’s number is displayed below the ‘in/out’ board.


Things to pack:

Food, drinks & milk etc. (wine, cider and fizz can also be purchased from the woodland shop on site 24/7)

If you are planning to make pizzas, we supply flour and sell frozen dough, but you will need to bring tomato sauce, toppings & ingredients.

Suitable seasonal clothing for the walk down into the woods & for sitting out on your deck in the evenings. 

Crocs/flip-flops for your ‘tree shower’ & deck.

We supply the following so no need to bring: Towels, linen, tea towel, oven cloth, pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, glasses, kettle, salt, pepper, coffee, tea, sugar, olive oil, flour, shampoo, soap, starter fire wood, kindling, firelighters.

For a comprehensive list of what facilities to expect in each space please see the accommodation comparison page of our website.

Things to Leave at home:

Candles or tea lights (fire risk management is paramount – we supply candles in safety lanterns)

Music systems or bluetooth speakers – we have a strict no noise policy & the slightest noise travels in the woods.

Anything that may disturb the other guests.


Big suitcases with tiny wheels.


If you are travelling by train/without a car whilst this is quite common and encouraged please do plan ahead for your supplies as the local shops are about 2 miles away and taxis need to be pre-booked.

There is insufficient power supply in the village for us to be able to install fast charging points. However we do have a standard 3pin 13 amp socket that can be used for an emergency trickle charge in order to get you back to civilisation & a fast charging facility.

The woods are generally very peaceful, the sounds of nature are very much part of the experience. However occasionally the birds, owls, foxes, deer and other wildlife are accompanied by the sounds of local farming activity. This is very much part & parcel of being in a remote dairy farming community. Farming machinery & tractors, silage cutting, hedge cutting, bulls bellowing, cows mooing & farmers herding in the early morning or evenings or muck spreading smells are usually short-lived with everything returning to normal before long. On very rare occasions there may be some noise from a party or wedding  in the village or neighbouring cottages, these are rare and generally don’t go on very late. Depending on whether the trees are in leaf & wind direction you may also hear the occasional train passing along the bottom of the Axe Valley.

We hope that you have a fantastic time in the woods.  Please don’t hesitate to text or call the duty manager if you have any questions or problems during your stay, if we hear nothing we shall assume all is well.  We won’t disturb you unless absolutely necessary.