Can I bring my beautifully behaved small dog?
Sadly not, whilst we are dog owners and lovers ourselves we are not allowed to accommodate guest’s dogs in the woods due to the wildlife and the livestock in the surrounding fields. The same applies for terribly behaved large dogs.
Can I bring my beautifully behaved children?
The retreat is designed and built just for grown ups, therefore we have a minimum age of 18 in the woods making it the perfect romantic break for parents & teachers!
What are the toilet & washing facilities?
Every space has its own proper flushing loo & shower. The water is mains fed drinking water.
Can I stay for just one night?
We can’t make one night stays work due to the considerable upheaval and additional work changing over, cleaning and re-stocking our spaces which are spread out through the woods. We have just 3 changeover (arrival/departure) days each week on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Therefore there is a minimum 2 nights in the week and 3 nights over weekends.
I have to be back at work on Monday morning, can I stay just two nights over the weekend?
Weekend bookings run from 4pm on Friday to 10am on Monday or any part thereof for a fixed price. Many guests leave on Sunday night having enjoyed Sunday in the woods if they cant stay over until Monday without having to get up and out 1st thing on Sunday morning.
How long is the walk from the carpark to the camp in the woods?
Its a 3-5 minute walk down hill to your new home in the woods. Please don’t pack any more than is necessary (see what to bring below)
Can I arrive/depart when its dark
Yes its quite common to self check in late at night when we have all gone home. All of the woodland paths and raised boardwalks are lit with motion sensor lights right to the front door of every space.
Can I book for a group or wedding?
We don’t take group bookings, just couples, individuals and a few friends. We ask friends not to book more than 3 separate spaces at once in order to maintain peace for the other guests.
What shared facilities are there?
All of our spaces are now entirely self contained offering contactless isolation with everything you need in your own woodland clearing, there are no shared facilities.
What is your cancellation policy?
If we have to close due to another hospitality/accomodation lockdown we will move your booking for the same price & with no admin fee.
If you are unable to come (but we are open) for any reason we will try and resell your booking & if successful we will refund what has been paid less 15% to cover costs/admin. We strongly advise that you take out cancelation insurance to cover cancelation due to circumstances outside our or your control in case we are unable to re-sell your booking.
Do you still run craft courses in the woodland Workshop?
We are not currently running or planning green wood craft courses.
Can I bring as small speaker to play music from my phone?
Sound travels in the woods so we don’t allow any amplified music or noise in order to maintain the natural and peaceful environment for the other guests. We ask guests to switch their phones to silent (or off all together for the best experience!) for the same reason.
What is it like staying in a dairy farming area?
We have dairy farming to thank for much of the local landscape however there is on occasion some noise from local dairy farming activities including herding cows for milking, bulls roaring, grass & hedge cutting, farm machinery and smelly muck spreading! These seasonal activities don’t normally last for long and are all part and parcel of rural Dorset.
 Are there ever hunting or shooting activities nearby?
Yes there is the Cotley trail hunt and a local pheasant shoot. The hunt hounds (not horses) sometimes pass through the woods. The shoot beaters & their dogs drive pheasants out of the woods into the guns in the surrounding fields. Although these days are infrequent, If either of these activities is an issue for you please only book outside the pheasant shooting (oct 1st-feb 1st) and trail hunting (Oct1st-March 20th) seasons.
What time is check in/out?
Self check in is from 4pm and departure up to 10 am. Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer early check in or late check out as we need every minute to change over, re-stock and clean the spaces.
What do I need to bring/pack?
As little as possible… – suitable clothes for walking down on arrival and for sitting outside in the evenings, food, drink & toiletries. Please see the pre-arrival information page for more details.
What do you supply?
All bed linen & towels, shampoo, body wash & conditioner, starter logs, kindling & firelighters for the log-burner and pizza oven and olive oil, salt/pepper, sugar & flour. We also supply ground coffee & tea bags.
What should I not bring?
Anything that may disturb the other guests (eg music & shouty partners) or tea lights/unprotected open candles as these are prohibited by the fire officer due to the fire risk or Pets/children!
Is there wifi in the woods?
Not any more as it it was painfully slow was broke every time it rained. There is an excellent and fast 4g signal that we use to run the business instead of the old landline. Please make sure that you have sufficient data allowance if you need to connect, download or stream anything – although our advice is to switch off as much as possible whilst staying.
Is there mains electricity?
Yes there are sockets & usb sockets by all of the beds and lighting throughout.
I want to try pizza making when staying, what do I need to bring? 
Just tomato pure & toppings of your choice assuming you have pre-ordered frozen pizza dough. We supply flour, logs & kindling.
What do you sell in the woodland shop?
Wine, cider, dough, extra logs & kindling etc- full list items can be pre-ordered and delivered prior to your arrival up to one day before arrival or purchased as and when required while you are staying (its contactless honesty system using the website shop for payment).
What information do I need to print before heading off?
Ideally none, so long as you have a note of the name of the space you are staying in and have the website bookmarked so that you have the google maps link and woodland map link to hand. You will need these as satnav is unreliable & inaccurate in the area and you will not know the current duty phone mobile number until you arrive on site.
I have arrived in the carpark, where do I go next?
Please go through the pedestrian wooden gate & follow the path down into the woods and to the centre of the camp. Here you will find the in/out boards, signs to each space as well as the current duty phone for emergencies or any problems during your stay. Please don’t try to drive or walk down the track across the meadow as this takes you the wrong way!
How do we self check in?
This is a contactless process – When you arrive at the in/out board on entering the woodland camp please move the slate tab with your spaces name to “in” so that we know you have arrived. If going out during your stay please move your tab to indicate this and do the same on final departure.  This way we in an emergency we can quickly establish who is on site an any point in time.
How do we get in contact if there is a problem?
Please text or call the duty phone, this number may change during your stay so please check the in/out board for the current number.
How do we use the pizza oven & log burning stove?
Please see the “operating manual” for each space in our guests resources.
For more detailed information on how things work in each space and things to do please see our guests resources page [here].