Lighting a wood fired oven

The 1st pizza is frequently the least successful one and is therefore often sacrificed to the pizza God…

1. Behind every successful fire is a good layer of embers, it takes about 45 mins to slowly build up a good bed of embers and prepare the oven for pizza making, you will need kindling and a few small split dry logs.

 2. Make a square flat bed of kindling in the middle with one fire lighter on top & then stack a square of kindling sticks on top to make a cube of kindling sticks. Light the fire lighter taking care not to burn yourself. 

3. When the starter kindling has burnt down to embers pile more kindling on top in a wigwam shape or random pile & keep doing this until there are plenty of red hot embers – use the bbq tongs when it gets too hot to handle. 

4. Put some small dry split logs on top of the kindling embers and allow to burn down so that most of the oven base is covered in hot embers 

5. Use the Morso ash scraper (it’s also a fire starting blowpipe) to move all of the embers to the side and or back of the oven taking care not to burn yourself. 

6. Place one piece of kindling on top of the embers at the side and replenish as these burn down (use the bbq tongs for this as its very hot in there) – this creates a flame that radiates around the curved top of the oven and crisps up the top while the Pizza base gets cooked by the hot stone sole of the oven. 

7. The oven is now ready to go & will cook a pizza in a minute or a few minutes depending on the temperature achieved. 

8. Don’t use the oven door when firing up or cooking pizzas – please do use it to close the opening after use to prevent embers blowing out & causing a fire. 

9. Don’t try and cool/clean the oven after use (never poor cold water on it as it will crack) please just leave the embers to cool down overnight & we will remove them when cleaning/changing over between guests (the same applies for the bbq & woodturning stove)